Measure the performance and reward your salespeople, in the simplest possible way

  • Ideal for SMEs

  • Pre-configured: Just import your data and generate the sales reports, in minutes

  • No training required




Sales Commission


Quota Allocation

You don’t have to design your own reports. Just select the components that you want your people to see.

Monitor as many products & activities as necessary.
Maximize your revenue by using our Overall Performance Indicator, combining each product’s  profitability.

Objectively allocate sales commissions to all levels of your network hierarchy, based on the overall performance of each network node

It’s not easy to allocate product targets to your salespeople. Our guidelines, templates and specialized services are coming soon to the rescue.



If you struggle with spreadsheets and small databases


DINAMIS has a dynamic sales report generated for all network nodes. You don’t have to design anything.


If you are not sure how to properly measure the performance


We use an Overall Performance Indicator that corresponds directly to the expected revenue or net profit. 


If you look for a straightforward way to reward your salespeople 


You can try numerous scenarios with our flexible Sales Commissions Plan


If you want to objectively allocate product targets to your network


You know this ain’t easy, so our Quota Allocation Models are coming soon to the rescue

It doesn’t get any simpler!

You only need to…

  • Enter your network structure in a hierarchical tree form. 
  • Declare your products, activities, services or whatever it is that you want to target and monitor
  • Set the credits or gravities of each product
  • Once per month, import the sales figures with a .csv file.

And you get…

  • A sales report for each network node, including a scorecard, rankings and more
  • A Management Dashboard with valuable insights
  • A selected data export, if you want to play around in a spreadsheet
  • An allocation of sales commissions, based on your strategy

“As the company’s Commercial Manager, Dinamis is the ideal tool for easily monitoring the performance of the company’s sales channels and generating all the necessary management reports.”

Alex Artopoulos, Commercial Manager, Interkiosk – Argosnet SA